Sunday, August 24, 2008

My first time

Eek this is my frst post and I'm totlly at a loss to know what to say, so I'll start with something I love, shoes, shallow yet satisfying;

After searching for the perfet pair of spectator style pumps for some time, I finally found and own these beauties;
Now to find the perfect leather jacket, soemthing akin to this; without the $1800 price tag!


Lolita Flowers said...

The first time is easy, reference's the maintenance that requires times you just won't want to write...but keep it up....I look forward with anticipation

Vintage Opulence said...

Heck yes,
It's terribly time consuming, it doesn't look all that much when it's published but it does take alot of thought and planning per post, I can see this being tricky but enjoyable to maintain,