Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hippie nonsense

For most of my teenage and early twenties I found comfort in the colour black, yes I was indeed a miserable little goth, and whilst now the predominant colour! to be found in my wardrobe is still black, I have learned to experiment with colour over over the years, I still feel a bit lost if I'm not wearing at least one article of black.
That said there are so many more styles that I find appealing, and my wardrobe becomes evermore eclectic.
I have a love of all things vintage, which encompases anything from the Edwardian, Victorian era, through the 1920's right up until the 1980's , a few of the eras/ styles that I keep coming back to adore include ; art deco and art noveau, hippie/bohemian, over the top romantic fou frou, ruffles and antique lace Marie Antoinette style as evidenced in most of my Etsy pieces, victoriana and steampunk to name a few and of which I like to crossover quite a bit,
Just recently with the advent of Autumn Ive been getting excited about bohemian folky styles,
As is usually the case I don't have the pennies to splash out on the big designer pieces I usually try experiementing with thrift store finds , a bit of dyeing, sewing and embellishment.
Inspired by these beautiful photos by Steven Meisel in this months Vogue supplement in addition to some Gucci pieces I tried mixing up a few pieces of my own;
Mostly Thrift store/ebay finds ,
black fur scarf from a French market ,
black embroidery sheer blouse Next Uk,
brown button detail boots-Miz Mooz


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